May 5th, 2020 (Update News)

What up yall, Church here wit another 651 Records Updates News!

I wanna start out about the Releases. That's right we went forward with the new Songs dropping every 2 days, and its going really good, thank to all yall who be check out our stuff. So let me just name the Songs right quick.

-The Raven, Mr HaveNot, feat Church Sherwood Released = 4-19-2020 -Depths of Hell, Lil T Skrypek, feat A1 Released = 4-22-2020 -Blest a Mess, Remix, Church Sherwood, feat Lil T Skrypek, & Mr HaveNot Released = 4-24-2020 -These Eyes, Church Sherwood Released = 4-26-2020 -King Tut Dollars, Mr HaveNot, feat June West Released = 4-28-2020 -Homicide, Lil T Skrypek, feat June West and Church Sherwood Released = 4-30-2020 -Fake Friends, Mr HaveNot Released = 5-2-2020 -Yea, Arnold B Cole Released = 5-4-2020

Each one of these, I did a lil Showcase video, that can be found on each "Artist page", my "Facebook " and on our "Youtube" page. I did the Showcase videos instead of a "Live Stream" for each Song, do to the fact that each song is 3-5mins and it take a min of that amount of time just to get people on your live steam. All the Links to these "New Releases", can be found by going to the Media Tab and clicking on the "Discography" Tab, or going to each "Artists Page", check'm out yall! An in doing so, plz keep in mind these are songs we did a long time ago, starting in 2007, with some of them. I've been going through 100s of all our old songs try'n to keep only the best, here is a list of our "Up-Coming" releases I've sent out to distribution.

-Let It Be Known, Lil T Skrypek, feat Church Sherwood 5-6-2020 -Biscuit, by Mr HaveNot 5-8-2020 -I Can't Play Basketball, by Church Sherwood 5-10-2020 -Outta Sight Outta Mind, by Dutch Sims 5-12-2020 -Blue Dreams, by Church Sherwood feat June West 5-14-2020 -Don't Trust, by June West, feat Yung Nfamous 5-16-2020 -No Mo Ba Ba, by Church Sherwood, feat Lil T Skrypek 5-18-2020 -Show No Love, by Dutch Sims 5-20-2020 -Check The Movement, Part 1, by Church Sherwood, feat Delusion, & Daze 5-22-2020 -The Matrix, by Mr HaveNot 5-24-2020 -Yeah I Know, by Dutch Sims, feat Jap Lep 5-26-2020 -Crimson Ship, by Church Sherwood, feat Daze, & Delusion 5-28-2020 -Money to Go, by June West, feat Dutch Sims 5-30-2020 -Pound for Pound, by Lil T Skypek, feat Mr HaveNot, & Church Sherwood 6-2-2020 -The Cipher, by Church Sherwood 6-4-2020 -Dr HaveNot, by Mr HaveNot 6-6-2020 -Elastic, by Church Sherwood, feat Lil T Skrypek 6-8-2020 -On The Cross, by Arnold B Cole 6-10-2020 -Panhandling, by Church Sherwood, feat Mr HaveNot, & June West 6-12-2020 -Brass Balls, by Mr HaveNot 6-14-2020 -Liberia, by Arnold B Cole 6-16-2020 -Patiently Waiting, by Dutch Sims, feat June West 6-18-2020 -Horrorcore, by Mr HaveNot 6-20-2020 -I'm a G, by Lil T Skrypek 6-22-2020 -Mental Case, by Mr HaveNot 6-24-2020

I'm going all the way to the end of July for now, hopefully this Virus thing has ran its coarse by then, and we can all get back to our lives, and for us to get back to making music. Speaking of making music we have been working on the Studio, we did the final things that needed to be painted, we bought the computer desk and its on its way, we got everything besides some lighting and some bench seating, but I will be ordering the lighting tonight and in the next cupple days going to get the bench seating as well. So we are all really excited. As soon as it is completed the "651 Team" will be starting on all our projects we got and we all got a lot waiting to go. But as for others, "booking studio time", we will be waiting for this thing to pass before opening the studio to the public.

Now lets talk about Merch! Thanks to yall almost all of our 1st order of shirts has been bought and we are working on getting more, but as we look we have already ordered, Hats, and they should be here in the next cupple days. We are also getting some Physical CDs made up right now, some posters, stickers, bumper stickers, Key chains, Lanyards, look'n at Tot Bags, Lighter Cases, Team Jackets, and some Custom Leather Vests as well! Them Leather Vests is my big thing, cause I gotta be rock'n a Leather Vest, that is just me :)

That bout wraps up this update yall, I'll be back with another "Update News" in 2 weeks, stay safe out there and as always thanks to all yall who Rock wit us, we Love yall, 100!

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