March 3rd, 2020 (Update News)

What up yall Church here with our 1st update! I will be doing 2 updates a month, and more if there is big news that need to be shared right away. An you can see the website in under heavy reconstruction. That is because we are getting things ready for all the new content we got coming and re working the website around that.

Since our kick off on Nov 11, 2019 we have been hard at work creating a fully legal and different experience in music, and them efforts are still continuing. We have so much going on that is so exciting I can't wait to tell you all about it.

First of all lets go over all the content we released so far. We have Magic, by Dutch Sims, Feat June West, Can't Beat Me, by June West, We Back, by Lil T Skrypek, Feat Church Sherwood, Death Note, by June West, and the Revival CD, by Church Sherwood, and Come2ChristEnt. Not bad since we just opened Nov 11th 2019, but that ain't all we just Released Windowpane, by Church Sherwood, and The Harvest CD, by Church Sherwood and Come2ChristEnt, will be released March 15th! We also have over 200 Beats and Instrumentals, Lease and Exclusives available! All this can be found on the Artists Pages or under our Music and Beats Tabs, go check'm out!

As for up and coming Music, we are working on 2020 Vision, this is the next full CD coming out, we also have Lil T Skrypeks CD, the Ace of Spades, in the works, and June West and Dutch Sims, both have about a full CDs worth of work to drop but we are gonna sit on most of those till the drop of the 2020 CD. We might be pushing some of their Singles out during this time just ta give yall something to bang wile we work on the full CD's.

We also have been working hard on getting our first lines of Merch. We have Stickers, Banners, and Bumper Stickers. An our Shirts are coming as we speak! Woot woot we are so excited.

Also our New Studio is almost completely built! This has been our main focus, cause we can't bring you new content with out a place to make that content and we can't do shows with out tracks. An we are happy to say April 1st is the official kick off for the 651 Records Recording Studio!

So as for Shows they are coming too, we are planing everything out and we will keep yall posted when we lock'm down.

Thats about it for this update. There is so much more I want to tell you all but we gotta save some stuff for just the right time!

Much love to all yall for all yall support!

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