March 16th, 2020 (Update News)

What up yall Church here back with another update!

First of all yesterday was me and my wife's 11th anniversary an my daughter Chloy's 17th birthday! So I wanna show some love to two very important ladys in my life, "I love yall!"

Also; yesterday my CD called "The Harvest" dropped and is live on all music platforms, just go to my "Church Sherwood" artist page to check it out! Also if yall wondering where the Track "10,000 Reasons" is, it is being Released as a free track on Soundcloud and Audiomack, and was pulled from the final release of "The Harvest".

The Re-Vamping of the website, is going well and I'd say it is at about 65% done. We have reworked everything especially how we handle our "Beats". Do to how WIX, "our website builder", works selling Beats is very limited. There is no option for alternative downloads or any options. So you can buy any beat with a "Basic" License for $30 as an MP3, but for High Quality WAV's or Exclusives you need to go to our Beatstars page, links can be found on the "Beats by Church" page. Also, now all beats have the option to buy as Lease or Exclusive, and all beats beside the FREE Lease Beats are in one player now.

News on the Studio: Every day its getting closer and closer to completion, but with that we keep seeing all these small things we need to get done, and we are in the process of getting them done and seeing it all come together is so exciting for all of us. I will be doing a live stream Reveal once it is completed!

Some more big news is we signed another artist "Arnold B Cole" his page is live now check it out, as for his music, we have some songs we are going to be putting up on Soundcloud and Audiomack for FREE, to give yall something to bang till we get some New stuff recorded.

Our T Shirts should be coming in, in the next couple days so expect to see it on the Store page soon!

That is about it for this Update, I will have another update coming at the start of April, with the Kick off of the 651 Records LLC Recording Studio Opening! So be on the look out for so much more content coming after that!

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