April 1st, 2020 (Update News)

What up yall?! Church back wit another Update. 1st of all I hope everyone is staying safe in these hard times... An I gotta say a big Welcome Home to our boy Dutch Sims, who just got out the other day, we glad you back wit us brother!

First of all we got the studio done, however; do to COVid 19 we are pushing off the offical Opening, and have rescheduled all our studio time. But that don't meen we have been over here sitting on our hands! We have a lot of new content that has came out since last update, lets review what we have kicked out in the last 2 weeks.

On the Cross, by Arnold B Cole, came out on the 16th, as did my single, "10,000 Reasons", on the 29th we dropped 3 other new tracks also. Money to Go, by June West, feat Dutch Sims, Patiently Waiting, by Dutch Sims, feat June West, and Liberia, by Arnold B Cole, all where released on March 29th.

I have also added a grip of new Beats to our Beats page and to the Beatstars page, I am almost 2 3rds of the way putting all our Beats on the Beatstars page I have added "A-P" of my Lease and Exclusive Beats Catalog to the Beatstars so far.

We also have a bunch of new videos up on the Youtube, go an check those out on our videos page.

We also got our 1st line of Merch woot woot, yep we got our Shirts! If you would like a shirt they are all $10 a shirt for right now. You can get a Shirt by contacting me or June as for right now. I am working on the Online store as we speak, so that is the next thing.

I am also working on a Special FREE Mix tape coming soon more details on that next Update here in 2 weeks.

Thats about it for this update, I will be back with another update in 2 weeks, an as always thank you to all yall who rock wit us, and Stay Safe out there!

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