April 17th, 2020 (Update News)

What Up Yall?! Church back wit another Update News Post!

First of all I hope everyone is doing well wit everything going on, staying busy seems to be what has helped us here at 651 Records push through this. An stay busy we have!

Lets start this off by saying welcome to our new Artist "Mr HaveNot"! We are so excited to have him on board, this is a true "Word Smith" and one of my fav Artists outa Minnesota, and to have him on the team is so dope to me. Welcome my Dude, glad to have you with us!

New Music; so I got sick of sitting on my hands over here waiting to open the Studio after this Virus, and I started to go through all our CDs we did in the past, and Try to Remaster/Remake them as best I could, and I found a some gems, lots actually! So I decided to Release some of them "Old Tracks" as new Content, every 2 days, till this Virus has passed, starting April 19th. I will be doing a live stream for each Release, to showcase it. Keep in mind these tracks are old from 2007-2015, and we where still learning our craft and engineering. But I am trying to only push out the best of the old stuff. This shows where we came from, and keeps us putting out new and fun content to pass the time till this virus thing is over. Also; I know there was a lot of old fans out there that where upset when I took down the old Tracks, that once they see this stuff going up, will be excited, and part of doing this is for them that stood by us and came to all the shows when we where still learning how to do this, and helped to push our music, when compared to what we do now, was not that well done, or polished or anything. We love yall an everything yall done for us we will never forget, love, 100!

Now on to that new content! I pushed out 3 tracks last night, "I'm All In, Freestyle", by Church Sherwood, feat Young J, "Check the Movement, Part 3", by Church Sherwood, and "Betrayal, Freestyle", by Church Sherwood, feat Young J. Links to these can be found on my Church Sherwood Page or the Discography Page. But that's not it, we pushed out 8 other Tracks to Distribution, starting this new content release thing, every 2 days! The Tracks and Release dates and Info are as fallows, and can be found on each Artists Page!

Upcoming Release Dates -The Raven, Mr HaveNot, feat Church Sherwood 4-19-2020 -Depths of Hell, Lil T Skrypek, feat A1 4-22-2020 -Blest a Mess, Remix, Church Sherwood, feat Lil T Skrypek, & Mr HaveNot 4-24-2020 -These Eyes, Church Sherwood 4-26-2020 -King Tut Dollars, Mr HaveNot, feat June West 4-28-2020 -Homicide, Lil T Skrypek, feat June West and Church Sherwood 4-30-2020 -Fake Friends, Mr HaveNot 5-2-2020 -Yea, Arnold B Cole 5-4-2020

I am excited for this new push, and really excited about the Studio, once this Virus has pasted and we get up in there and get to doing what we love.

I wanna say thank you on behalf of everyone here at 651 Records for all yall who have bought shirts, especially during this time where everyone's money is limited, it means a lot! Also; we have sold half of our order of shirts, thanks to yall! An a special thanks goes to June West, for all his hard work push'n these shirts and everything else you do, 100!

That's bout it for this update, I'll catch yall again in another 2 weeks with another 651 Records Update News, and as always much love to all yall who rock wit us, 100, and stay safe out there yall!

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