Welcome to 651 Records LLC, we are a Record Company based out of St Paul Minnesota. We also offer Recording Studio, DJing, and Music Production, and Recording Services. Booked Studio Sessions and Events only, no Walk-Ins.

   651 Records LLC is ran by, Owner, Danielle Sherwood "AKA, D Hope" and her husband, CEO, Derek Sherwood "AKA, Church Sherwood", and Lead Company Manager is June West. We handle Publishing/Distribution, Management, Marketing, Trademarking Artist Names, Copyright, Sound Exchange and BMI - PRO for Roylty collections

651 History:

   651 Records LLC was established as a LLC on November 11th, 2019 by Danielle Sherwood "AKA, D Hope" and her Husband Derek Sherwood "AKA, Church Sherwood"


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Phone: 1+651-231-4022

Email: 651recordsllc@gmail.com

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